Coronavirus Protocol

Coronavirus Protocol
Coronavirus Protocol


Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has changed the way many of us have had to prepare and deal with work, life and everything really! We have all been learning to deal with it and so much is still unknown about the virus and all of its mitigating factors.
I have conducted thorough research on how it can affect my business and the services I provide to my clients. Also how to best protect myself and my clients whilst working. I have completed Barbicide Coronavirus training and my certificate can be found on this page. This has helped me prepare for running Love Is In The Hair By Sabrina services going forward. I have consulted the NHBF and the FHA as well as our leading Government’s guidelines for help with my protocols and I’m confident the measures I am putting in place will keep us safe.

What I Will Ensure

  • All equipment will be thoroughly sanitised before and after any appointment
  • I will be wearing a mask, visor and shoe covers when entering the client’s home/venue and for the duration of the appointment
  • I shall wear a mask and gown as well as the above with any high risk client or on request
  • I shall wash my hands as soon as I enter and before I leave a home/venue.
  • I will bring disinfectant wipes, spray, fresh gowns, shoe covers, mask and alcohol spray to every appointment
  • Limiting time we spend together to when circumstances deem absolutely necessary to the client’s service.
  • If the client is at my house for a trial, I will not be able to offer them food or beverages, please bring these to the appointment, if needed.
  • If I am feeling unwell, have any symptoms or I/a member of my household test positive for Coronavirus I will ensure I inform the client at the earliest opportunity and provide either a rescheduled appointment or full refund.
What I Need From My Clients

  • All clients need to wear a face mask – if you need one to be provided I will provide at a small fee.
  • If clients are having a trial at my home, full PPE must be worn– If you need these to be provided I will do so at a small fee.
  • Clients’ hair needs to be clean and dry and shared surfaces disinfected ahead of appointment if at home.
  • Keep the room we are working in well ventilated by either opening a door or window if possible.
  • Have a chair ready to sit on and access to a power point.
  • Access to a sink to be able to wash my hands.
  • Payments made by bank transfer, where possible, to limit the amount of time spent handling cash to limit exposure to germs.
  • Have the rest of the family/household/party out of the house or immediate room we are working in, where possible. If they are in the same room they need to adhere to a 2M social distance from myself and wear PPE as detailed above.
  • If the client is feeling unwell, has any symptoms or they/a member of their household tests positive for Coronavirus they need to inform me at the earliest opportunity. I will then endeavour to reschedule appointments, after a quarantine period of 14 days. If unable to reschedule unfortunately payments made are non-refundable.
  • If the client, or a member of their household tests positive for Coronavirus after I have been to conduct our appointment and it is less than 14 days since I have seen you then please notify me immediately so that I can take appropriate steps to protect my family and other clients.
  • I reserve the right to cancel the appointment if I arrive and any of the above has not been carried out. Payments made will be non-refundable.